This site is maintained by me, Michael Reza Aulia who currently lives in Melbourne, Australia. My first blog at CravingTech.com taught me a lot about blogging and how to write in English :) After about 6 months of blogging, I decided to open another blog dedicated to Christian resources and articles. I’d like to say thank you to all my readers & friends who have given me so many good feedback and encouragement.

I could have never gone so far into this life without your continuous support and prayer.

Background of this site

I normally wrote a summary of every Sunday service sermon at Emmanuel Baptist Church to be published on its website. I learnt that there are lots of Indonesian people who have been blessed by the sermon notes summary. So I thought, it’d be great if I can translate them to English so that many people are blessed even more by the sermon notes! I then decided to set-up a Christian blog for this purpose.

I also had a few cell group preparations and bible studies on word documents and I thought that it’ll be great if I can share it to other cell group leaders and Christians, as well as the sermon notes.

I’m no expert in theology, but hopefully you can somehow use these resources and “polish” them better for your discipleship program.

About myself

I have been a Christian since 2002. When my life was at my lowest level, I found the truth. I used to be kind to people and helped them out as much as I can. Unconsciously, I did it to earn my salvation to heaven. However, I was hurt, distressed, disappointed at people, even at my closest friends. During an Easter camp back in 2002 (my church), I was touched and saw the light. You don’t help people to make them like you. You don’t give people gifts to make them think that you are a good person. You don’t do it to earn your salvation to Heaven. You do it all because He loves you and He wants you to love others. You do it for God. It was that simple. Salvation cannot be earned. It is given by God through Jesus Christ.

I’m glad that I was saved that year. I can’t imagine what I have become now if God didn’t save me that time.

I hope that you can encounter His Grace and His Kindness like I do through this blog.

God bless!

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Michael Aulia is a Christian blogger who lives in Australia. He is the owner of WriteForGod.com and also CravingTech.com

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