Do not worry


The picture is taken from my favorite verse, Matthew 6:25-34 :)

Do not worry

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Michael Aulia is a Christian blogger who lives in Australia. He is the owner of and also

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  • hello michael=)

    so glad to come across this Christian blog of yours! I was checking out the latest sites under religion and spirituality and when I clicked on this site I saw you familiar picture on the sidebar!! see you around bro =)

    more power and blessing to both your sites!

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  • Howdy from Texas. Great cartoon. Great verse. If only it was easy to turn it all over to God. We just want to hold on…It probably is puzzling to the rest of creation.

    Tonys last blog post..Where does all the money go?

  • @Wendy: Haha! Yeah, I was thinking whether to put a different picture, but I thought some readers may recognize me better with the same photo :D

    @Tony: I guess it’s never easy. If you look at the Israelites on the Old Testaments, there were so many times where God had guided them and showed miracles, but still they worried and hesitated afterwards, just like us, I guess!