Healer song by Pastor Michael Guglielmucci is a lie?


Pastor Michael GuglielmucciThe song titled “Healer” was invented by Pastor Michael Guglielmucci due to his battle against cancer. He testified that the doctor told him he had a cancer and only had 6 more months to live. He’s been living for 2 years now and he invented this song to proclaim his faith on God, our Healer.

He’s been exposed as a fraud and under professional help at the moment.

Although this is a sad news indeed for us, let us not judging him for his mistake or whatever reason why he did it. Pray for him and also for other Christians who may be feeling judgmental and down about this. Let us all focus on Jesus and the true meaning behind the song (which is biblical and very meaningful; please read Isaiah 53:2-6), and not focusing on a human being who can be sinful and weak.

This news won’t stop me listening to the song. How about you?

Interview with Michael on Today Tonight

I like a comment posted by stonemanjosh on YouTube:
“I would like someone to name a worship song for me that was not written by a sinner. David wrote the psalms and he was an adulterer too! Since when are we to good to forgive what God has already paid for?”

The Advertiser was told last night Mr Guglielmucci may release a statement on the situation. To read the news in detail, go to The Age newspaper here.

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