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This is my personal review on Outlive Your Life by Max Lucado audiobook, as part of christianaudio reviewer program.

Outlive your life is aimed for Christians who want to do more in life for God, who are wondering what does it take to be Christians. Most of the parts of the book focus towards loving the needy ones, which most Christians lack of. We study and study about the Word of God yet we forget the basic foundation of all, love. Have we noticed the poor on our streets? Are we doing something about it? Or, who is your Saul in life? (someone who has a tough background, repented, and needed your love?)

I like how Max tried to liven up the scenes that were happening on the verses through imaginations although it would not be 100% accurate because the Bible doesn’t always explain things in detail. But nevertheless, it helps to imagine the intensity of the atmosphere and the emotions which we rarely thought of when we read a story in the Bible.

In the beginning of the chapters, Max emphasizes on how important it is as a church to reach out to the needy and to the society. The last parts of the book are geared more towards individual Christians. Max encouraged and made us realize what we have not done in our lives for Jesus. Have we been ignoring that poor beggar on the same street that we pass by everyday? Have we become so isolated that we just can’t be bothered with everyone else? Have we got someone that we are ignoring because he/she is too annoying?

The book was narrated really well by Dan Butler. At first I didn’t really like his deep voice as it took some time to get used to. But he read it really well and this is probably one of the best narrations I’ve ever heard so far (apart from the “Love is a verb” audiobook). He never sounds flat and it feels as if he wrote the book himself or at least understands the emotions that Max had when he wrote Outlive your life.

On every chapter, there’s also a prayer (with a calm soothing music that sticks on my head) which helps you in reflecting your own life and truly serious in making a transformation with God.

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