Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart Audiobook Review


salvationThis is my personal review on Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart audiobook by J.D Greear, as part of christianaudio reviewer program

The title of the book caught me at first glimpse. It sounds controversial and there were funny questions going into my head the moment I saw the title.

The book mainly focuses on giving the assurance of salvation. How do you really know that you are saved? If it’s true that “once saved, always saved”, then why some of us doubt our salvation?


Although the book is written specifically to Christians who doubt about their salvation in Christ, it is also a great book for Christians who are already deeply rooted in Jesus. The book is theologically rich, with a mix of real examples and occasional jokes made by the writer, J. D. Greear.

You can use the book to strengthen those who are already in the faith, encourage those who are doubting their salvation and faith in Jesus, and also as a teaching reference.

The book is about 4 hours long, but the author always manages to keep it interesting. At times, he’ll explain a particular question or issue in great theological detail, and at other times, compare his (funny) real life experience as an analogy.

The narrator, Tom Parks, also does a great job in narrating the book. He doesn’t sound monotone and manage to capture the tone when the author is trying to be funny, or serious.

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