God is the potter, we are the clay (Part 2)

Local(?) clay body

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Note: Before you read this, please read my article on rt 1)" href="http://www.writeforgod.com/god-is-the-potter-we-are-the-clay-part-1.html">God is the potter, we are the clay (Part 1) first.

So we have truly understood what it means to know that God is our potter. What should we do as the clay, now? Does it mean we can just stand or sit idly, while we let God shape our lives as the potter? No! I’ve heard so many excuses people throw such as “It’s God who made us grow”, “It’s God who shaped us into a better person”. It is true, it’s God’s. But there’s no way God magically makes you a better person, a man of patience, a man of obedience, a man of big faith. You have your responsibility to learn and to make the necessary changes as God instructs you to. You cannot just be a patient man out of the blue without learning how to be patient in the midst of “annoying” people or situations!
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