The Radical Disciple by John Stott

Radical Disciple

Radical DiscipleThis is my personal review on The Radical Disciple by John Stott audiobook, as part of christianaudio reviewer program.

As a Christian (or Christ’s disciple), often we were left wondering – how can we be a good disciple of Christ? The obvious one is of course, to be conformed to His likeness but then again, there is another question emerged: how radical should we be?

The book is meant to uncover these “more things to do if you want to be a serious disciple of Christ” but unfortunately, I find it quite dry and not enough “radical” statements from John.

John Stott explains 8 aspects of being a Christ’s disciple that we tend to overlook (such as having a simple life or taking care of His creation more). The book is being divided into chapters when each chapter explains about each aspect. Unfortunately, it’s not really being discussed in details and sometimes it’s unclear what we must do to be a “radical” disciple in that one aspect.

The last one is pretty interesting, discussing about martyrdom/death as a Christian. However, again, I feel there are not enough statements in that chapter to really burn your heart with desires. I also find there are also not enough verses being presented and discussed where they could further strenghten John’s points.

The audio itself is well narrated Grover Gardner but unfortunately the discussions on each aspect feel too short or incomplete. Nevertheless, if you want to find out what you can do further as a disciple of Christ, it’s worth skimming through the book and meditate on the aspects in your own time.


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