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tcThis is my personal review on the Transformational Church by Thom Rainer & Ed Stetzer audiobook, as part of christianaudio reviewer program.

This audibook is definitely not for ordinary Christians who just want to come every Sunday to the church and don’t care about what’s going on in their church. This book is more tailored to church pastors, elders, and leaders who care about their church and how to grow the church both quantitatively and qualitatively.

The book is based on a survey of many churches deemed as “transformational churches” based on a certain criteria. The criterias are explained in the beginning but more detailed at the end of the book, if you want to check for the credibility of the research. I was relieved to find that this audiobook does not just talk about some figures or numbers based on the survey results. It actually uses the results as the basis of the book on how to transform your church to become a transformational church (or T.C).

Thom and Ed clearly explained every details of what a transformational church should have. As one of the leader in the church, I can quickly relate to the topics that are discussed in depth such as the importance of the mission as a church, the importance of having transformational groups, and also handling issues that would definitely arise in every church (such as a debate on worship style or musical instruments for example). I’m also glad to find that the book really focuses on God and His Word (as we all should have) and not relying on theories, figures, or past experiences.

The book can be quite informative although at the same time you may have heard or even know about some of the topics being discussed. The book goes overly detailed but does cover every single aspect needed to be a transformational church. Nevertheless, even if you already know about them, the book is a good reminder of what God wants from His churches to be and to do.

Since the book does not much have conversations, the narration can sound dull at times. There are a few statements from the authors in the audiobook and I do wish that the narrator could put more expressions to make the statements more alive though.

If your church is new or perhaps have less than 50 people on a regular Sunday service, I’d definitely suggest to read this book if you really care about the growth of your church and how to grow it in the right directions.
Transformational church audiobook

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