WriteForGod.com is born!


CrossThank you for all of my friends and readers on my personal blog that helped me in choosing this domain name.


As you may have guessed from the domain name, this blog is solely dedicated to Someone above :) This will be a Christianity blog, mostly to store christian resources such as our church’s sermon summary in English, cell group resources that I prepare every now and then, bible studies, articles, and some personal posts as well related to Christianity or my spiritual life.

I won’t be updating this blog everyday (My other blog has already taken so much of my time!) but feel free to subscribe later on if you liked my writing style on my other blog. For the first week or two, I’ll post quite often to get this blog going indexed in search engines, so don’t be scared if I you see about 3-5 posts in a day! It’ll only last for a while :)

In the future there are possibilities of different authors to this blog (some of them are hopefully from my friends in the church or it can be you too!). I’ll, however, filter your posts first when that time comes.

I’m not planning to put advertising (Google AdSense, etc) on this blog too (Somehow this passage strucked me whenever I’m thinking to put one lol.. John 2:13-17). Even if I do decide to in the future, all profits will be clearly specified and given all back to Him, and not to my pocket (I’ll clearly specified it here how much and where it has gone to).

I may (or may not) put a donation button in the future, but all donations will be clearly specified on its usage, how much have been donated, where will it go or we can discuss it together as to where it will go (whether to my church for a specific thing or to sponsor a child, or whatever).

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Michael Aulia is a Christian blogger who lives in Australia. He is the owner of WriteForGod.com and also CravingTech.com

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  • Look forward to reading something soon.

    I really like Corrie ten Boom if your ever looking for something really good to read and haven’t yet.

    Alan Bamboos last blog post..Record anything

  • Oh, amazing. I’m looking forward to how this blog would grow.
    I like how the bible passages show on hovering on the verses.

    Keep it up Michael, wish you the best~

    sJ_Dans last blog post..Yahoo may be trying to be like Google

  • Thanks for coming, guys :) Stay tune!

  • Congrats on the new blog! I really do like the name and I wish you all the best with this site. I think it serves a fantastic purpose and I look forward to reading it.

    Lynnes last blog post..Four Foods on Friday

  • God speed!

    desperatebloggers last blog post..Live Skillfully

  • Michael: Congrats on the new blog. I have added you to my regular drops…so you should see my All In A Day card often. I look forward to reading more of this.

    Ellens last blog post..Web Hosting – Research and Review Before Purchasing

  • Congrats yo! :D

    Do you welcome non-Christians though. o_o

  • Thanks guys!

    @Deimos: Hey, welcome, buddy! Of course I do! I’ll even put down the red carpet if I have one :D

  • love

    dear god im praying to u 2dai 4 sum help im so0o scared n worried bout anthony da lov of ma life plz take care of him plz make sure da nutthin bad happeneds to him plz god i love him so0o much n i need him in ma life if sumthing were to happen to him i would die becuz i lov him so0o much i wanna liv wit him 4 eternity plz take care of him p.s i lov u god , jesus , all the saints da hell him , n all the angels bye n thannk u