Found: God’s Will by John MacArthur

Found God's Will

Found God's WillThis is my personal review on Found: God’s Will by John MacArthur audiobook, as part of christianaudio reviewer program.

Many Christians including myself, often prays and wonders what God’s will is in some parts of my life. We often struggle to know what He wants for us or where He wants us to go or what He wants us to do. Questions such as:

  • Which job should I take?
  • Whom should I be with?
  • Should I stay here or should I go somewhere else?
  • Many more (if you never ask these questions ever in your life, then you should ask yourself whether you are a true Christian or just simply doing whatever you want in life!)

The close you are to God, the more you know the answers to these things. But what if God feels silent? What should you do? I was hoping to find easy answers to these questions when I first played this audiobook. I was surprised.

The book itself is divided into 6 chapters but the first 5 chapters turn your questions upside down. Rather than trying to explain the answers, John MacArthur shifts your perspective into “Have you done God’s “obvious” will in your life yet?”. Obvious as in the biblical truth about you as a follower of Jesus.

You have been saved. Have you done what He wants you to do? To have a heart to save others, to be spirit filled, to suffer for the sake of the Gospel, to be transformed and sanctified every day? Or you simply focus more on what God has done for me? Or what does He want from me? John MacArthur explains these wills based on the spiritual truth (and verses in the Bible) for the first 5 chapters. Have we done all these things for God yet? Only then the last chapter explains what you should do when God is silent or when you are still confused about the critical 2 choices in your life. What that is? Grab the audiobook to find out :)

The book is well written and an eye opener to Christians. I love how you buy a book to get an answer but the book turns your question into another different question or a different perspective (like the Disappointment with God book by Philip Yancey). The audiobook is also well read by John Haag and I wish there are more audiobook readers like him.

Unfortunately, the audiobook is quite short (1.42 hours roughly) and I was left with more thirst in getting more out of John MacArthur. There are certainly more points that can be eloborated but longer does not always mean better. You can always grab other books to support his 6 ways in finding God’s will from this audiobook. Definitely worth a read to make you a more mature Christian.

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