God is the potter, we are the clay (Part 2)

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Note: Before you read this, please read my article on rt 1)" href="http://www.writeforgod.com/god-is-the-potter-we-are-the-clay-part-1.html">God is the potter, we are the clay (Part 1) first.

So we have truly understood what it means to know that God is our potter. What should we do as the clay, now? Does it mean we can just stand or sit idly, while we let God shape our lives as the potter? No! I’ve heard so many excuses people throw such as “It’s God who made us grow”, “It’s God who shaped us into a better person”. It is true, it’s God’s. But there’s no way God magically makes you a better person, a man of patience, a man of obedience, a man of big faith. You have your responsibility to learn and to make the necessary changes as God instructs you to. You cannot just be a patient man out of the blue without learning how to be patient in the midst of “annoying” people or situations!


  1. Clay is naturally impure – we are naturally sinful
    First, we need to know, understand, and accept that we are naturally sinful, just like a clay with impurities. We all have impurities, weaknesses that we need to overcome. But even though we are sinful, our Master Potter can use any clay and remove impurities as He shapes the clay (there is no fail product in His hands. He can shape whatever happens in our life for a greater good – read Romans 8:28

    He knows our strength and our weaknesses. He knows our limit. When He shapes us, He’ll make sure that it will surpass our limit (1Cor 10:13). Unfortunately, often we give up too soon and proclaim that it has already beyond our limit! Who knows better? The Potter or the Clay?

    The clay actually goes through a burning process (1,000-1,500 degrees Celsius) in a period of time. A painful process, of course, but to achieve a much greater good and purpose at the end. We, too, must survive this painful process if we want to be shaped. Sanctification is a process that we all must go through after we receive the gift of Salvation from God.

  2. Each clay in the potter’s hand has the same, yet different purpose
    The final product glorifies its master (the potter). We are all called to glorify our Potter, our God. Out of a potter’s hand, a clay is just a lump of soil, has no purpose at all. 

    Every clay that is being shaped by the potter will end up as different pots – as a flower pot, to store wine/water for drinking, etc. Each of us is uniquely shaped by our Potter for a different, specific purpose in life. The question is, have you found your specific purpose yet? Or are we jealous because a different “pot” is being used for a “better purpose than us?”. We often think that God blesses others more than us, or God gives more talents to our friends than ourselves. DON’T! If you are blessed with just a lovely smile, serving Him as an usher is the same as serving Him by singing with a lovely voice in a Sunday service. A lovely smile brings warmth to those who come to the house of God. It doesn’t matter if a church is full of talented worship leaders, singers, or musicians if no one is there to greet the newcomers with a genuine smile! So never think that your talent is nothing, for God works wonders even through “simple little” things that you have. I believe everyone has been granted many spiritual gifts. It’s a matter of not comparing yours with the others!

  3. Be a clay that is willing to be shaped by our Potter!
    There is nothing more frustrating than keeps on resisting when the Potter wants to shape us to His will. We can struggle as much as we want, but the end result will be the same. He wants you to grow maturely, spiritually. Be soft and willing to listen to His will. It’s sad when we just want to remain as a clay and do not want to be transformed into a pot. It’s concerning when a Christian does not want to grow spiritually! It will only make the shaping and molding process more painful if you resist!

When bad things happen in your life, believe and have faith in God that He can make it into something fruitful. Be a good clay and let the Potter shapes you into a wonderful pot for His purpose, His glory! Maybe you are experiencing

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