How to finish well: Start Well!



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Sermon @EBC Melbourne by Victor Liu – translated by me.
How to finish well – Start Well
Mark 1:35-39



Often we start something with enthusiasm, however our spirit then gradually decreases and sometimes we stop half-way. So then, how do we finish what we’ve started?

Read Mark 1:35-39.

Learn from the ministry of Jesus (for around three and a half years) – from the start towards the end. Even Jesus said Himself: “It is finished.” towards the end of His ministry life.


Jesus started well. He knew what He came for.

1) Start with maintaining your relationship with God (verse 35)

Jesus maintained His healthy relationship with the Father and started His day by communicating with the Father. This shows that relationship with God has to be the center of our lives. When we fail to maintain it, we become dry! Often that we are too lazy to come to God (or too “busy”!)

Maintain your spiritual health by ingesting spiritual nutrition. What nutrition do you take? Movies? Games? Or the Word of God? You will die spiritually if you don’t maintain your relationship well with God!

2) Start by focusing on the goal (verse 37-39)

Many people came and looked for Him (after He healed many people and performend many miracles).

“..because for this purpose I have come forth..”

Since the beginning, Jesus already knew His goal of life. He connected the “present” with the “future”! Often that we focus on the present and never have a thought of the future. It’s all a routine.

“Start with the end in view”

“Most of us plateau when we lose the tension between where we are and where we ought to be” – John Gardiner.

3) Have the courage to say “No!” (verse 37)

Jesus was much more popular on His early days of His ministry. Even though this people came looking for Him, He went to a secluded place and prayed. He even avoided them. Learn how to say No, especially if it’s not what God wants you to do.

Start to eliminate all barrier! People are easily changed.

Read Proverbs 4:23.

The barriers that we have to eliminate:

  • Not focused. Doing too many things.
  • Trying to please many people. Learn to say No!
  • Procrascination. Do it now, not later!
  • Fun first, play layer. The “Enjoy life” mentality.
  • Indiligent


Jesus was focused and dilligent even until He ended His life. He knew why He came for (His goal of life) and He never gave up until He reached that goal.

How about you?

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