Judges for you by Timothy Keller audiobook review


Judges for you review

This is my personal review on Judges For You audiobook by Andy Stanley, as part of christianaudio reviewer program

This audiobook is actually 6.7 hours long but thankfully, each minute of the audiobook is worth listening to, thanks to the awesome writer, Timothy J Keller, and also the narrator Maurice England.

The book “Judges for you”, as the title suggests, takes a deeper (and overview) look of the Book of Judges in the Bible. Whether you have read the Book of Judges in the Bible or not, this is a great book to hear. It covers the whole chapters but at the same time, Timothy Keller also adds a lot of exposition and reflection questions.

I really like the book because:

  • It makes me want to re-read the book of Judges again
  • If you never read the Book of Judges, I bet that you’d want to open up your Bible and read the whole book after/while listening to this audiobook.
  • It has a lot of reflection questions after each chapter and throughout the book, which makes you think about the state of your spirituality at the moment. It’s easy to read the Book of Judges as a history or stories in the past, so the reflection questions help to make this all about you and God, not just the Israelites.

The narrator, Maurice England, also does a good job in narrating the book. Considering the book is about 7 hours long, I never grew sleepy or tired listening to the audiobook. Probably it’s also because the book was well written and interesting to read/hear.

I definitely recommend you to grab this audiobook and have recommend it to my friends at church.

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