Romans 1-7 For You Audiobook Review


<a class=Romans 1-7 for you" width="200" height="200" srcset=" 200w, 150w, 100w" sizes="(max-width: 200px) 100vw, 200px" />This is my personal review on Romans 1-7 For You audiobook by Timothy Keller, as part of christianaudio reviewer program

Just like Judges For You, Timothy Keller writes another great exposition of the book of Romans to you. The book is richer in theology (well, it is based on the book of Romans, after all) compared to Judges For You but it should serve only as an “appetizer” for you to read the whole book of Romans in the bible and study them yourselves.

The book is almost 6 hours long, but you probably won’t notice it. Timothy Keller successfully transfers the study and application of the book of Romans in words that you can relate and understand. He also discusses current controversial topics such as homosexuality and what the Word of God has to say about it. In the end, though, I feel that the book is just not enough to cover the whole book of Romans 1-7 thoroughly, except for the essentials (which is probably not a bad idea unless if you want to listen to a 20-hour audiobook).

Like Judges For You, Timothy writes out reflection questions at the end of each chapter, which helps you to ponder on God’s Word and applies it to your daily lives. The questions also help you to dig deeper and grasp the truth about sin, God’s righteousness, and God’s grace to mankind.

The Narrator, Maurice England, does a great job in delivering the book into your ears. He pauses briefly and tries to use different intonations during the read to keep things interesting. However, he definitely can’t be compared to Timothy Keller’s charisma (I’ve seen him speaking a few times) and I’m positive that the audiobook will be so much better if Timothy Keller himself can narrate it himself.

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