Sorry for the lack of updates on this blog


I haven’t touched this blog for a while now. I guess it’s not really easy maintaining more than 1 blog :) I can’t believe how other people do it. These couple of weeks have been quite busy as well for me. We are having an annual congregation meeting soon with new budget proposals and plans, so I’ve been in a few meetings here and there for the preparation.

Not to mention I’m in the process of migrating our church’s site from Postnuke to Joomla. I promise to take care of this blog more often after things are slowing down.

Note: 7 of my friends were baptized last week. I’m so excited to see how their lives have changed after they’ve received Christ as their savior :) It’s just the beginning and I’m sure God will work wonders upon them.

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  • Very inspiring reading throughout, nice website, keep up the good work!

    Don’t worry about updates, motivation will change that. Just search for it.

    God Bless…

    Guy Vestals last blog post..A valiant effort…

  • I know a blog is supposed to be about one topic but maybe when you have a post here you really like…put it on your tech blog? A sunday post ? not sure they mix though?

    I have no idea how people do more than one blog either unless one has a lot of extra time, but even still.
    I write very occasionally on a virtual world blog with other people so that makes a post of 1 or 2 a month pretty easy.

    Alan Bamboos last blog post..Life can be hard … What are your words of wisdom ?

  • What with so little going on, you don’t have time to write a post. Just kidding. Sounds really busy, but extremely exciting. As a reader, I generally stop following blogs if they go more than a month without a post. Unless, I know why. I’ve even posted, “hi, I’m busy. Will write later.” To me with blogs you post when you can or feel like it. There is no schedule. They are supposed to be fun things unless it is your business.

    ClinicallyCluelesss last blog post..Past Journal Entry ~ July 9/10, 2005 Part I

  • Yeah It’s been a month….! I guess maintaining 2 blogs are not as easy as I thought.

    I’ll definitely will start posting again in this blog. Thanks, buddy.