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compassion logoThis is a commitment that I made from my previous post about the Good Samaritan. I decided to do something, made a commitment to myself, and sponsored a child. There are other ways that you can do but you MUST do something. Don’t be the Pharisees who know so much of the Word of God, theologies, and the Bible but they never do them.

Sponsoring a child is not easy as it requires your financial commitment every month. However, it is not that hard also. If you can spend for $2-4 for a coffee every morning, then you too can sponsor a child!

I chose Compassion because the organisation is very transparent. On the Compassion web site, you’ll find all information that you need to know about sponsoring a child:

  • How many percents of your money will go towards the child and how much will go for the administration cost.
  • How does it work?
  • How much you need to give every month.
  • How to write a letter to your sponsored child.
  • How to visit your sponsored child (if you want to).

compassion sponsor a child photoCompassion doesn’t just sponsor a child through you but they also teach them about Christianity, about Jesus. That’s the most important thing. The children are not forced to be Christians but they will receive Christian’s education as much as the ordinary education.

Compassion also makes sure that your sponsored child writes to you a few times a year so that you’ll know how the child is doing. You’ll have a connection to your child and it will also encourage you to pray for your sponsored child.

It is truly a joy to see your child grows both physically and spiritually. It’s a feeling that you can never get/buy anywhere in this world.

If this post hasn’t moved you yet, how about reading my Good Samaritan cell group study resource again and watch the video below:

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