The Shelter of God’s Promises by Sheila Walsh

Shelter of God Promises

Shelter of God PromisesThis is my personal review on The Shelter of God’s Promises audiobook by Sheila Walsh, as part of christianaudio reviewer program.

At some point in our journey with God, we’d be challenged to having tough times and wondered “Where is God?” or “Does He care?” or “What should I do, God?”. Times like these are the times when we need to look back at our own faith and to His Word. Do you know that there are over than 3000 promises God made in the Bible? Do you know that whatever you’ve been through right now, God has made a promise to you to never leave you? In this book, Sheila Walsh uncovers God’s promises to His people (i.e you and me) and why we should be focusing on Him instead of our own problems and harshness of life.

The book is divided into different chapters based on God’s main promises such as Grace, Hope, or Strength. Each chapter is solid and full of examples based on the author’s life and also specific stories in the Bible. We’ve probably heard about the stories mentioned in the book so many times, but Sheila Walsh (the author) does not simply re-tell the story. She has actually put a lot of thoughts and studied the original meaning of the words. The exposition is great and I did find a few things that I wasn’t aware before when I listened to the audiobook. She took me to see things in different perspectives (about Mary, John the Baptist, or the Samaritan woman near the well).

The audiobook is very well written and read. I didn’t realize that it’s read by the author herself until the end of the book! She speaks clearly, emotionally, yet authoritatively throughout the book. She definitely knows what she’s talking about and cares about the readers of the book. I truly recommend this book to further strengthen your journey with Him and to be a solid rock no matter what happens in your life – as His Grace is sufficient for all of us!

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