A little kid’s prayer


a little boy's prayerOne day, there was a little boy who had a racing car toy and he joined in a competition. It was a glamorous moment because it was the final round. There were 4 finalists (including the little kid) and each one of them was boasting their own car toy. Each car was hand-made (that was the rule of the competition). That little kid’s name was Mark. His car wasn’t special but he went to the final round nevertheless. Compared to the other kids’ cars, his car was pretty basic and didn’t look as interesting as the others. However, Mark was so proud of his since he made the car himself.

So the time came. Everyone was ready with their car on the Start line. Mark asked for a minute and he was mumbling for a while before the race started. His eyes were closed. A minute later he said, “Yeah, I’m ready!”. So the race began!

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