Our Everything by Lifehouse drama skit on Easter celebration


everything lifehouse drama skitWe had our early Easter celebration in our church last Sunday (28th March 2010). We did a drama skit on the Everything by Lifehouse song (which has been performed many times in different churches around the world and it has touched many many hearts).

Here is our version – I played as God (not an easy thing to do!). We’re thinking to do a remake to get a better camera positioning to record though :(

Here is the video, embedded from YouTube:

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Unfailing Love video


Unfailing Love

We had a Christmas celebration yesterday (29/11/2009) at our church, Emmanuel Baptist Church (EBC), where a few of our friends wrote together a nice piece of song titled “Unfailing Love”. The song was written by Kalvin Hanjaya Ananda, Giovanni Julius Sutjiutama, and Jesse Wisesa Oey.

Kalvin also played the guitar while Jesse was the singer. Here is the video, I hope you love it as much as I do.

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Interview by Lisa from Christian-Single-Woman.com

Image by ganatronic via Flickr

Lisa, the owner of Christian-Single-Woman.com interviewed me through some series of questions via email last week. The questions were quite specific and challenging but they remind me of a few things, especially my main motivation on setting up this blog through her question:

Though you’re not new to blogging, please tell my visitors a little bit about yourself, why you decided to create a Christian blog and how it has blessed both your life as well as the lives of others.

The whole interview can be read on Lisa’s website at Christian-Single-Woman.com.

Sponsor a Child through Compassion


compassion logoThis is a commitment that I made from my previous post about the Good Samaritan. I decided to do something, made a commitment to myself, and sponsored a child. There are other ways that you can do but you MUST do something. Don’t be the Pharisees who know so much of the Word of God, theologies, and the Bible but they never do them.

Sponsoring a child is not easy as it requires your financial commitment every month. However, it is not that hard also. If you can spend for $2-4 for a coffee every morning, then you too can sponsor a child!

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