Sorry for the lack of updates on this blog


I haven’t touched this blog for a while now. I guess it’s not really easy maintaining more than 1 blog :) I can’t believe how other people do it. These couple of weeks have been quite busy as well for me. We are having an annual congregation meeting soon with new budget proposals and plans, so I’ve been in a few meetings here and there for the preparation.

Not to mention I’m in the process of migrating our church’s site from Postnuke to Joomla. I promise to take care of this blog more often after things are slowing down.

Note: 7 of my friends were baptized last week. I’m so excited to see how their lives have changed after they’ve received Christ as their savior :) It’s just the beginning and I’m sure God will work wonders upon them. is born!


CrossThank you for all of my friends and readers on my personal blog that helped me in choosing this domain name.


As you may have guessed from the domain name, this blog is solely dedicated to Someone above :) This will be a Christianity blog, mostly to store christian resources such as our church’s sermon summary in English, cell group resources that I prepare every now and then, bible studies, articles, and some personal posts as well related to Christianity or my spiritual life.

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