How to hear God’s Voice – Part 1

hear from God

hear from GodI shared this topic to our Youth group last Saturday. I received good feedback about it so I decided to write a summary about this topic so you can shared it to others too.

How do we hear God’s voice? This is probably one of the most “popular” questions from every Christian out there, including myself. We often wonder: How do we hear from God? How do we know that it’s from God? When does He speak? Which option should I choose? Which job should I take? Should I go back to my home country or should I stay here permanently? Should I be with this man or woman? And many others. As such, it is important to be able to hear from God and to hear it clearly.

I’ve decided to divide this topic into 5W + 1H: Why, Who, How, What, and When/Where.

This is How to hear God’s voice – part 1. I’ll discuss on the importance of hearing the voice of God briefly.
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