Living by God’s Promises by Joel R. Beeke and James A. La Belle

Living by God's Promises

Living by God's PromisesThis is my personal review on Living by God’s Promises by Joel R. Beeke and James A. La Belle audiobook, as part of christianaudio reviewer program.

After we were saved by God’s grace, we continued on living and walking in faith while going to a whole process of sanctification. Often we stumbled along the way and was left wondering why and sometimes we came to a point of giving up. In the Living by God’s Promises audiobook, the promises of God are thoroughly explained and studied, to strengthen your faith as a Christian.

It’s amazing how many promises that God have actually made throughout the Bible. Some promises are not actually obvious yet crucial to strengthen our faith in Him. The book covers plenty of them in series of chapters and refers to lots and lots of verses throughout the whole 6 hours.

Unfortunately, I found that it’s hard to follow the flow of the book and at times, it feels like different main topics are compiled into one book. It’s also hard to really learn truly from this book unless if you read it (there are lots of verses in which you should pause to check for the context of the verses or study them in more depth). I’m also not a fond of the narrator’s tone – which is quite flat and dull. This makes listening to this audiobook a harder process because it feels long and jumpy from one topic to the other.

It’s nevertheless a good book if you want to know what promises have God given to His people and it also challenges you to ask God to fulfill the promises that He has made (a thing that you may never do in your whole spiritual journey).

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