Enemies of the Heart by Andy Stanley

enemies of the heart

This is my personal review on Enemies of the Heart audiobook by Andy Stanley, as part of christianaudio reviewer program

enemies of the heartThis is one of the books that I’d trully recommend for others to read (or listen to). Enemies of the Heart strikes deep and makes us to truly identify the most core foundation of what we say and what we do, our heart.

Have you ever wondered what’s your heart condtion at the moment? No, not the physical one. Have you ever wondered why certain nasty things came out from your mouth? Or  an action that you did in the past that left you regretting for the whole life? Ask your heart – it’s the place to answer all of your questions.

Enemies of the Heart by Andy Stanley covers a variety of topics and at all times, he asks us to pause and ponder about the condition of our own heart. He covers the topic beautifully yet authoritatively.

Greed, Lust, Anger, and a few others were discussed in details by Andy Stanley. There are stuffs there that we may not even realize at first (as we often go in “self-defense” mode and say “I’m not like that!”). Well, this book is for those who are willing to let that “self-defense” mode down for a while while they are listening to this audiobook. You’ll get much more that way and let God speaks to you in person through this book.

I totally love this book as God opened up my heart throughout the listening of this audiobook and pinpointed the areas that I needed to work on. There are also many great quotations from the book that I can relate and remember.

The audiobook is beautifully narrated by Lloyd James with a great passion as if he writes the book himself. I truly enjoy listening to the audiobook as Lloyd pauses where the writer really wants us to pause a bit and reflect. Would definitely recommend this book to my friends at church!


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